Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today is not my usual posting in the ongoing dialogue Kat and I have been having with a rather musty smelling William Shakespeare. Today's posting has nothing to do with the race between Kat and me, and

Mr. Shakes "pear" 

Nope today is about my luck and why I think I want to stop being lucky. Who'd want to proceed when the luck they get leans rather heavily to the

BAD side?

Yesterday, I almost fell three times...the fourth time though, was

the charmer, down I went my head banging quite giddily against each

concrete step and the rest of me bruising and scraping despite the thicker winter clothes I was wearing. I must admit my body is now a rather impressive artist's rendering of black and blue...(blue IS my favorite color...not sure THIS shade of blue falls into that category.) Gashes...Boy Howdy do I have my share of them.

Why is it when you fall everyone wants to call an

ambulance for you? Let's suppose I said "yes"...

how the hell am I supposed to get home? I know there are people out there who'd leap at the chance to go to the hospital, so why is it
they play invalid until they can't stretch their infirmary any longer, but not me? Compared to things my ex did to me, this is a bandaid booboo.

Okay, my gut is churning. I ate a handful of crackers...I was pregnant four times with five babies so I KNOW about nausea and crackers...also you can't take Naproxen 500mg on an empty stomach unless your suicidal and crazy enough to want to meet your maker after letting your stomach burst and bleed out...Personally, I think I'll pass on that.


down the hatch...I figure I've got about fifteen, twenty minutes before I begin rambling from the effects of the meds.

I've checked my obvious broken skin, but the whole left side of my head is sore and a tad swollen. I'm assuming since I know who I am...Ladybug Lin at your service...I know today's date...okay...that's a bit of a stretch but I rarely know today's I can't put a check mark on the concussed side..but I CAN check the bottom of my screen and pull up the info like that! It's Saturday, January 5th...(my ex-husband's birthday is July 5th, and my personal Independence Day...((divorce)) December 5th...yep, just celebrated 29 years of emancipation.)

Crackers and the promethazine are finally settling the churning fury inside my gut...and that also means I can finally take the pain meds and not have to worry about bringing them right back up...much like that mutuant germ bug on the Mucinex commercials.

You know what is really weird? Thanks to the three bp meds and my promise to the doc not to forget to take them, I'd gotten my bp down to 132/82...until yesterday...It skyrocketed to 176/104...which leads me to think pain makes your blood pressure soar into the danger zone.

I was coming home from grocery shopping at the Super Walmart. I'd noticed they had bathing suits out for sale already...Kat and I live in an apartment complex with a pool that stays open 24/7 365 days a year...except for leap year then it's open one more day...isn't that convenient...and because we were limited on how many packages filled with out stuff we could afford to mail down here ahead of us when we moved...neither of us have a bathing suit. I'd like to say my mind was swirling around the possiblity of finding enough money after the bills are all paid to buy two bathing suits. I'd really like to say that...but I can't.

I think it comes down to one right leg began burning and gave out. I reached for the bannister, but it was too late. So today I am scrambled Ladybug Lin not so readily at your service, and one crawling mass of pain.

The timing for me to be this

bad could have been better..but at least I avoided the hospital...that's a
fifty dollar co-pay I can ill afford to pay. Besides, I know what a concussion feels of the many charming things my ex did to me was take  my head and repeatedly slam it into the kitchen me...THAT was worse than this...BUT I do think I should lay down for a bit...(the pain meds are kicking in and I am beginning to think I should me singing is NOT one of my talents.



Anonymous said...

Well, ah, look at the bright side. At least you don't have an ambulance bill! I wish you great success in your writing!

(MIU author)

Lin said...

True...and I did stop short of singing. :)

Thanks Stan.

Leona~Author said...

Well, you had quite an experience with those falls, not to mention discoloration from bruises. I used to fall often, but a power wchair solved most of it.

I got a laugh from your fb question: Does a blog post get lonely? I'm sure it does. lol