Monday, April 29, 2013

Scrambled Willie Shakespeare and We

We must beg forgiveness of our loyal followers.

Willie Shakespeare has been a truly musky, as in he's dropping bone dust everywhere he drifts, making me sneeze and giving poor Kat serial sinus infections, person. We had to invest in

gas masks...and YES, the BARD is that bad.

But moving on...we all know Willie is mighty proud of his rather bizarre

MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, but Kat and I have in our arsenal our second collaboration


Allow me to explain...our poor hero has to find his one true forever love in just one night and convince her he's not just a slam bam thank you ma'am kinda guy...problem is, up till this night, that's exactly what he's been.

Willie went into quite a tantrum. Let me refresh your memory on how he dresses...

...see...when he throws a tantrum, dressed like this, he looks like a ticked off cupcake trying really hard to jettison his chocolate icing top. Into this comedic rant he starts yelping "Remember Hamlet, Remember Hamlet."

I like "To be and not to be" as well as the next person, but let's face it...when you strip away all the folderol it boils down to Hamlet being haunted by his daddy's ghost and his uncle porking his mom.


THE LIGHTHOUSE may not be an EXACT duplicate, but with a ghost haunting her niece, murder all afoot, and a towering lighthouse for ambiance, it's close. 

My story

TWILIGHT COMES has a lot of family dysfunction in it, and Hamlet definitely comes from a dysfunctional family. In mine an entire family must face the crashing power of the waves of their own deeds ripping them all apart. 

Oh boy oh boy, bet you didn't know Willie knows some really elegant curse words. Are my ear lobes red? They feel hot, like they're burning from the words Willie's snaping at us. In fact, I think Kat might just faint. Words are mighty powerful weapons in the right hands and let's face it this Bard dude has very creative hands.

ROMEO AND JULIET...The Bard is screeching...A love story he proclaims...HUH? They end up committing suicide. How is that romantic? Their families push them over the edge because of some harebrained feudal feud. Romantic?

Kat's Artica Lights Series

Book One FROZEN with Awni the queen of Artica, (If you look really hard you can see the lights) her skin so bitterly cold a touch from her means instant death, and how criminals are executed...but she's so alone...until...Brent...the lights bring him to Artica...and he doesn't die when Awni accidentally touches fact he feels passionate heat...and thus the Queen marries her consort...romance...yeah...THAT'S romance...

Book two of this series

REFLECTIONS OF ICE (Can you see the lights in this one?)  Elric, Awni's right hand man, and the man who raised her sees in his mirror of vision of beauty that calls to him...He's one sees such images in their mirrors, and if they do, they can't hope to ever have the real image here in Artica...But one day it happens...Romance...not easy to win...but with the lights?...maybe?

My own

FOREVER WITH YOU, Coryne  is very drawn to Keith, but she fights it...until...the surprise ending...Romance

HER LAST DAY the first collaboration of Kat and can the eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii be romantic? But it is?

Mr. Shakespeare is pissed. He says we're cheating. Somehow we must be copying his work. SO I dared him to read my story

SUC-U...and he did...He's still stuttering and red around his gills...

I think we have once again one-upped the Bard.

This is Lin, writing as L.J. Holmes, and Kat Holmes signing off...for now.

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