Sunday, December 2, 2012

4-for-1 You NEVER got that Willie Shakspeare

Okay Billy, The world loves you,

but I KNOW

Kat Holmes has one-upped you today.

You may have scratched out a lot of

LONG-IN-THE-TOOTH tales, I KNOW you never had a

4-for-1 sale on ANY of your I may still be a

BIG QUESTION MARK in this head-to-head battle we are conducting, KAT is as of TODAY in the LEAD!

How did she do it?

Well over at

Muse It Up Publishing TODAY ONLY...

FOUR of Kat's Gods At Work Series Books are being offered for sale at an unheard of BARGAIN price...and JUST in time for

Christmas too.

How brilliant is that?

Take a look at what Kat has waiting for eager readers of Godly and Goddessy delights.

Buy BOOK FOUR: CRIMSON WATERS: Poseidon's adventure...and trust me, the unique way Kat has the God of Water use his element to tease and please will make buying this package more than worthy of the price @ $3.50

With that purchase you will get

Book One: WORKING UNDER COVERS, Aphrodite's Journey working here among us mortals while confronting danger, and one sexy cop. 

Book Two: HEART OF THE QUEEN, Hera's story. If you thought you knew Hera, Queen of the Greek Pantheon, based on mythology, you were so wrong. This HOT lady gives new meaning to "Let Me Stroke Your Peacock."

Book Three: IN DEATH'S ARMS, Hades' story. Would you eat pomegranate if it allowed you to spend eternity in the Underworld with one sexy God of Death?

Everything you THINK you know about the

Gods of the Greek Pantheon has been...embellished over the year...much like the children's Telegraph game...It started as truth but every teller altered it until today..Hera is a bitch, Aphrodite is a vain tease, Poseidon buries whole continents in his rage, and Hades plays Russian Roulette with the Elysian Fields and Tartarus.

Kat's series shows us their truth...TODAY'S Olympians and WOW are they...


So head on over to MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING and see why Santa dropped this bundle there and spice up your

Holiday Cheer!

I'll see you over there!

And Merry, Merry Christmas To You All.

And Billy,

The battle continues.

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