Friday, November 4, 2011

Kitty-Kat Blues

Authors are parents too.

Three months...that's a long time for a Kitty-Kat to be so ill. You would think four days in ICU getting fed IV antibiotics would have knocked the dark stuff out of even the most persistent germ...but Kat's nostrils, throat, and ear canals look like shredded raw meat.

Her temperature is hovering between...barely acceptable, to seriously dangerous.

She went for a CT scan on Friday. (Because of her seizures she cannot tolerate the clicking of MRI machines.)

It looks bleak.

Here's what the doctor is now saying...Kat has been upgraded from a frequent sufferer of sinusitis to a CHRONIC sufferer.

The uber antibiotics are not working...the doctor now suspects case scenario...worst case scenario...sinus cancer...brain swelling, etc., etc. In other words, it's serious.

Today she is so worn out she's actually staying in bed and only coming online via her Netbook...(thank you Karen).

New Jersey is not the best place for anyone with respiratory problems. We have friends who never had any allergy issues until they moved to NJ.

Once Kat regains her health...please God...moving is becoming more and more a necessity rather than a luxury. (Thank you, Steph.)

We,who adore you, miss you happy, healthy and playful, Sweetie.

Kat, you and I are cat lovers, so I dedicate this blog to cheering you up.

Love You Daughter of Mine.

To inspire you on the specifics of chilling, here are some experts with sage advice on how to laugh when the going is tough.

While, you My Precious Daughter, battle for your ability to breathe, swallow, and hear, may you find a few smiles and some ahhh's here for you to enjoy.

Get Better My Angel...we miss you.


gail roughton branan said...

Feel better Kat!

Jim Hartley said...

If you think you have allergy problems living over on the west side of New Jersey, by the Delaware, just be thankful that you aren't near Secaucus!

Get well, Kat!

Kat said...

I do have allergy probs Jim. I tested positive for everything they test you for. I love this Mom.:-) Thanks Gail.

Lin said...

I love you Sweetheart...and I know you feel useless, but look at what you inspired me to create here? NEVER think you are useless. I keep telling you, you are my miralce...the wings that allow me do all I do.

festival8 said...

Hey lady I'm a fellow cat lover too and my kitty has to go to the vet tomorrow. Everyone here me, Missy, and Chyna hope you get to feeling better.

Cyrus Keith said...

As one who hates cats with the white-hot intensity of a thousand blazing suns....

Okay, that was cool.
Get better, lil sis. *hugs*

Kat said...

Cats rule Cyrus.:-) hehehe but thanks.

lionmother said...

Lin, you are the best mother ever!!

Kat, so sorry you are still suffering! If you have so many allergies have they thought about giving you the shots? My daughter had to have them.

Hope you are feeling better soon! It sucks not to be able to take in the world and not being able to breathe! I'll be praying they find the answer soon so you can get better!!!

Lin said...

She spent most of her childhood getting the shots, Barbara. They didn't help.

S.Durham said...

If those kitty pics didn't bring a smile to your face Kat, then I don't know what could! Praying you get better fast! We love you and miss you!

Hugs, Sara