Thursday, November 24, 2011


This has been an amazing year for this author. I won my very first award for my very first published book.

I found myself surrounded by some of the finest angels here on earth.

To be honest, I would never have guessed so many winged ones walk among us. Okay I can hear you all stammering..."WINGS?" "WALKING?" What goes here?

I've discovered the winged ones among us don't like to call attention to their true radiance,

so they hide their wings beneath the mudane trappings of human existence...but that's okay.

Deeds reveal their inner glow much better than their wings would anyway.

Thanks to Lea, Kat has discovered a talent for courting new reviewers to take up the banner of Muse Publishing and join our growing list of those willing to give Muse their attention....and what reviews we at Muse have been garnering!
 To all who have given Kat and I reason to add to our list of thanks on this day for celebrating such gifts, you know who you are, why your wings glow no matter how well you try to conceal them, and how much your love and acceptance of us means.

Have a Glorious Thanksgiving,

and know you truly are blessings in our lives, but we are not alone in seeing the wings tucked beneath your outer shell.

animation angel bear hugs.

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