Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Waves Crash and Your Water Wings Can Not Keep You From Drowning!

Angels...I KNOW they are not only stroking their harps and making soul lifting music in Heaven's Garden.

Angels walk among us, although they do not always recognize their

halos thanks to the veiled glasses they don when they come down to walk among us.

I'm not sure I know how to honor the angels here with us, but the above image to me is the Spirit Goddess image of

Karen McGrath.

Ever since my first contact with Karen, I knew I was in the presence of the
Universe's BEST!
She started out as The Muse Goddess of Inspiration, this

beautiful angel that walked among us,
spreading her love to all she passed, no matter how briefly. Her wings spread wide. a feathery haven for the
heavy of heart.
Her beauty riveled the brightest star in the sky,

and her music,

more exquisite than any
concert talents can emulate, enriched the vibrations of our
hungry souls.

Her gentleness to all creatures inspired us to follow her example,

and now we must look to the heavens and know

she is there among the clouds watching over us, loving us, and waiting until our time to join her comes.

Karen, we will miss you, and never forget you. This poem says what my mere words cannot begin to adequately express,

and I follow it with the artwork of Mary Coffey entitled

ANGEL HEART. Long may we know the loving beat of
YOUR angel heart.


Heather Haven said...

This is so painfully sad. Karen is such a beautiful person, one of my first friends at Muse. There are no words sufficient for our loss but you've given a lovely tribute to a wonderful human being.

M. L. Archer said...

She's one of those people who has left behind a legacy of help and encouragement. That she went out of her way to help others recognize their dreams makes her one of the truly great.

Emily Pikkasso said...

What do you say when there are no words to express what is in your heart? Light and love Karen. Wishing you whatever it is your soul desires and needs.

Love Nancy

Roseanne Dowell said...

A beautiful tribute for a truly beautiful person. Karen has touched so many lives and will be remembered for her warmth and caring. I didn't know Karen well, but she was one of the first who welcomed me here at Muse. She will live in our hearts forever.

Christine London said...

Loss is most difficult for those left behind. Karen's legacy is safe here in our hearts.

Thanks for the beautiful post Lin.
Christine London

Lin said...

Karen passed tonight, and my heart is heavy knowing the miracle we all prayed for was not meant to happen. Karen I feel your angel wings and know you are only a heartbeat away. Love you, Darling, and thank you for being such a powerful inspiration and role model for the rest of us.

zxcvbnm said...

You said it all for us, Lin. You know what I mean.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Karen had a very strong personality. There were times we clashed, and other times we saw eye to eye, but that was the beauty of Karen. She spoke her mind, accepted my debates with her, and at the end we remained friends.

That is a sign of true friendship, and she will be missed.

As I wrote on Facebook, heaven has gained an angel.

Lin said...

I felt close to her because she and I both fought to rise above health issues and still see wonder and beauty in the world around us. But I can imagine her butting heads over something she believed in. That kind of strength of conviction is what helped her be the health warrior that beat cancer back time and time again.

She loved you too, Muse Publisher and was very happy to be a part of something she knew was special.

lionmother said...

I think the measure of a person's life is how they are remembered. Lin, I read your blog earler and I t thought how beautifully you expressed with both words and images how much you admired and respected Karen. Now you have created a beautiful memorial for her. It brought tears to my eyes once again.

Karen Cote said...

The Good Lord has brought another one of His children home while generously strengthening those left behind until His plan is complete. Paul and his family have been so generous in spreading this message. Their faith enriches those around them and is the legacy Karen lived and left behind. This is the treasure given to those touched in meeting this wonderful family.

Heather Haven said...

I was one of the first people to leave a comment originally, but I had to write again what a loving and beautiful person Karen was. I knew her fleetingly but could feel the power of her goodness and love. The earth is a cooler, sadder place with the absence of her warmth. I will remember her always, she has so touched my life.

Frank Scully said...

May God bless and keep her. She will be missed by all of us, but we must rejoice that we were given the opportunity to know her and to receive all that she gave us. Vaya con Dios, Karen

Rochelle Weber--Author said...

I've sent healing energy to her family for their loss. I didn't know Karen well, but I would have liked to. We will all miss her.

I'm sure her dedication and love helped her niece to bring about the miracle of Dee Dee's recovery and Karen will live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved her.

Anonymous said...

I've shed many tears since I first heard the shocking news about Karen. I had no idea...and suddenly, she's gone.
Virtual relationships are as deep as person to person in the physical, especially with someone as genuine and caring as Karen.
My heart is heavy too Lin, and Karen will be missed.
Lin, you've made a wonderful tribute to her, bless you for it. I'm sure she's looking down upon you with the biggest brightest smile ever.