Saturday, July 23, 2011


Nudge, my naggy inner creative voice, is ticked at me. Of late she has been on the

back burner...sort of, doing

blog postings and Stationary Trailers...her

glow muted because she is not being allowed to move forward on several

WIPs we have been

butting heads over. (If I let her have her way, I'll be writing

24/7 round the clock, withering away because once Nudge starts

yakking, she does not allow me to even take...

Lea, this is for you...

potty breaks. Eating? I can forget that too...eating and drinking lead to those

potty breaks,

and they are taboo when Nudge is in control.)

So here we are, Nudge and me, and I have made a compromise...Nudge gets to tell you a bit about our

Works In Progress and she doesn't

drive me any crazier than usual.

Drum roll please...

FINALLY! Let me tell you, being HER Nudge is

NOT an easy job. We have a LOT of

works in progress but I am only going to talk about three because well, I don't want you all to know just how big a

procrastinator SHE is!

Azure stars in a story I have been trying for almost

eleven years now to get her to finish. These pictures should give you an idea how great a story

Azure's is, but can I get her up and channeling the end from me?

I mean, if you had Azure

with her new powers over fire and ice and the really cool

Chimtarra...a sword of such immense power, take a look at what it pours out

wouldn't you want to get to it and finish it?

Okay I gave the story a

unique twist...but come on,

Our next unfinished business is just appalling. SUC-U TOO is the sequel to a really great story and hey...look at the names and pics of those starring in THIS one...

Wetniva Dreams and Jet Stream...can I just say did I or did I NOT give her a hotter than hot couple here?

But I didn't stop with just those two. How about the King and Queen of the "-ubus" world.

Gyna Strokes and Peter Byrd front and center...You'd think she'd be itching to get back to these stars...and I haven't even mentioned

Bal Buster or

Lassiter B. Eddum yet. Okay, Lassiter in full fury IS a bit scary. But STILL...

Can you explain her slacking on the job?

We owe one and all Book Three in The Christmas Miracles Series. We already know the Title...CHRISTMAS GOES GREEN and that

Santa Claus himself is going to play a

BIG role in it...along with a half-breed

female leprechaun, her cantankerous

leprechaun daddy, and a

half-breed male Santa's elf to drool over.

So this is Nudge letting you all know we have a lot of work to do, and I am done letting her slide.


lionmother said...

Nudge, thank you for this awesome look into Lin's WIP's. Yes, if I were her I would be working on them. It's hard to do all three at once, so tell her to work on only one at a time.:) Then would you please come over and tell me to work on mine.:)

Rochelle Weber--Author said...

I need Nudge! I just have not been able to push myself into my WIP for over a week. I swear, tomorrow I'm going back to my normal routine!