Thursday, December 1, 2011

GEMINI L.J. Holmes...this is different

I used to write a LOT of poetry...I always thought it was

BAD poetry because I loathe pentameter...but in the spirit of my daily challenge I decided to write a poem and let Y'all...(Thank you Gail)...decide.

So Are we ready?

Gemini Rising
L.J. Holmes

Confusion, illusion, seduction, reduction, life in doubt,
The yin, the yang; the in and the out,
Homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms too,
All fuel the language of love gone askew.

What is true, and what is fiction?
What is harmony, and what feeds our friction?
Can it be that life, is really not a fairy tale?
And in love, we're all sentenced to fail?

Have we all gone crazy, grabbing for the brass ring,
Or do we go crazy, once we've grabbed the damned thing?
What are the rules, that govern the heart?
Are we all doomed, to have our world's fall apart?

"Show me," I begged a wise man announce,
"A marriage that maintains its passion and bounce."
He looked long at me, through lowered eyes,
"Would you want to remove all surprise?"

"Love's like that mountin," he softly claimed,
"Down here it's warm, the landscape is tamed,
"But beyond the shrouding upper mist,
"Glaciers scream, and ice floes list.

"Would you wish for one, and not the other,
"Are we lone islands, or a network of sister and brother?
"Love is no different than all cycles of life.
"There can be no husband, 'less he has him a wife."

With that last syllable, fracturing on an Arctic wind,
He turned like a dervish, in a mind twisting spin.
One minute there, the next he was gone,
Leaving me to ponder, till the break of new dawn.

Back in my home, my body toasty and warm,
I reviewed what he said, seeking a magical charm,
That would finally enlighten, my troubled old mind,
But love is what it is, neither cruel nor kind.

And now that you have been so kind as to endure this I give you a TRUE pearl of BAD poetic mastery...ah and Thanx!


gail roughton branan said...

I LOVED IT!!!!! (That's NOT bad poetry.)

Lin said...

Thank you Gail. I am really bad though about maintaing parameters. Oh and then you have the joys of rhyming. I had to buy a Webster dictionary of JUST rhyming words back in my "Oh God PLEASE I don't to write any more poetry.) days...but back then that was really all my then editor and agent wanted me to write. I cranked out between 20-100 poems a day...and truly hated every moment of it.

Jodi said...

Parameters, spameters! I found it quite engaging. Of course, if you had majored in French and had to read Hugo and Verlaine to Rimbaud to Mallarme - and every poet in between - en francais! Phooey. You are so talented on so many levels, Lin.


Lin said...

Thank you, Joelle. I have Nudge and she has a lot ot say.