Wednesday, August 31, 2011


To The Maltese Falconess.
The Hurricane Falconess
Ruffled feathers upon the wind, a hurricane is headed my way. Not the kind the weathermen delight in; there'll be no non-stop preening before the camera's eye while words like "deadly", "dangerous", terrifying" preceed words like "rain bands" "wind gusts" and 'flood warnings" emerge from lips of polished silicone glue.
This hurricane, heading my way, I confess, brings the fiery spirit of my avenger's tropical home, the tenacity of her aviary vision, and the determination of a crusader on a mission.
What is that mission? Well you might ask. To take to task the downtrodden, like me, bearing heal marks upon our sad souls from countless siphons of energy and spirit, determined one and all, to leave those like me bearing the permanent brand of their disdain.
"Hide!" she roars when I speak of my life, her head shaking wildly, her beak sharpened with rage, "when your light is brighter than all others? Not as long as my feathers spread wide, and my bird speak can reach even the smallest creatures in the Land, shall you hide any more.
"Rise upon the laurels of your gifts and let the robbers beware. No longer can they stomp your light, for I am here and I'll swoop down and avenge them for all that you are."
"I am unworthy," I yell to the heavens, "of such wonders as the voice of your rage. I weave some words, now and then with such ease I barely break a sweat. Others toil, their limbs made weary, while I spin tales of love and magic, that is perhaps, I regret, truly before its time.
"Look around Great Bird Sage and see the brokeness of the masses around us. I do not know why they are so broken. I've walked the path many of them walk, and come out not hating, but aching for what I know should be."

A hurricane is coming my way. Her wings are spread wide, and her eyes see much way up there in her aerie in the sky. Her love makes me humble, her words most potent, reaching past the doubts and treadmarks left by the demons I have known.
Tomorrow when the storm has passed and the sun shines brightly, your words will take root and grow, for no wise one would dare defy one such as you, a falconess that is Maltese.


Tanja said...

Lin, I only formulated into words what was there for all to see. The inspiration and the wonder belong to you, and you alone. Thank you for this; I shall treasure it for ever.

gail roughton branan said...

Truer words were never spoken. A greater champion than the Maltese Falconess cannot be found.

lionmother said...

Your images always amaze me. Love this metaphor and Tanja you deserve this. I can see your wings protecting our sweet and talented Lin!

BarbaraB said...

Lin,as I know only one Maltese, when I saw "Maltese Falconess" at the top of your page, I immediately thought of Tanja. Your tribute is beautiful. She is uplifting to everyone.